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Charlotte's Jalopy

Dome Island Records - Dome Island Publishing ⒸⓅ 2013
Denise Jordan Finley


guitar... Denise Jordan Finley

contrabass guitar... Daniel Pagdon

mandolin... Dick Staber



come to the window run out and say goodbye

charlotte's jalopy is ready for a ride

she's got her goggles and her bonnet on

and it's a perfect day

charlotte is at the wheel

better open up the way


isinglass side curtains and a top that rolls down

forty miles an hour she's firing out of town

her running boards curl up the front

lanterns on the back

chugging up and down the hills

and across the railroad track


there's been no living with charlotte

since she learned to run that driving machine

she's gonna take on the road today

crank up the model T


in charlotte's jalopy all shiny and black

we passed a twin six packard, a buick and a cadillac

we've been out to patch the tires now

we're frozen to the bone

but we've come fourteen miles already

and now we're coming home


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