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Solstice Song

Dome Island Records - Dome Island Publishing ⒸⓅ 2010
Denise Jordan Finley


guitar... Denise Jordan Finley

Contrabass guitar... Daniel Pagdon


i heard your voice upon the wind as northerly it came

now i see your face again as you call out your name

when i feel your frosty breath tears will fall like snow

who may melt your heart of ice

who may only know


the musky scent of earth's decay hangs heavy on the breeze

breezes turn to winds today and rock the very trees

when you rage through rusty woods leaves will fall like rain

who may calm your heart so cold

who may only name


when the ring around the moon lends beauty to the night

planets circle round the sun and bask in borrowed light

if a taste of spring should wake what winter white would quell 

who may own the mystery

who may only tell

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