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Thank you for the journey; "Beyond a Window" was a such a nice way to wake up on a Tuesday is a pleasure to hear you sing and play.
I am so glad a friend recommended your music to me! I love it all!
I agree!
I'm hoping you will add the lyrics to the "Beyond a Window" album. Your songs are great!
Hi Denise!!! I love your latest album & playing it right now (CD) on my stereo!!
wonderful person from my younger years. Hope to hear her sing soo .
You go girl! The best songwriter and performer east of the Mississippi River! You rock!
Hi, Nisi! I love your music--and your photos on your website. I look forward to listening to your new album. Linda
Great show at the First Friday Coffee House in Martinsburg! Wit, variety, depth and a whole lot of varied musicianship. Thanks!
Great website! It showcases your inspired songwriting and awesome guitar skills. You are a musical force to be reckoned with.
Fabulous website. One to return to again and again. Best to bookmark it.
I have loved your website from the the start and of course the talented YOU.
"Beyond A Window" is your best music yet, Nisi..
Hello from California! Love the website and the music!
What! After almost 35 years on the road with you(following you, that is), and I hadn't signed your G/book! Website is tasteful, lovely, and informative.
A lovely website for a lovely performer and beautiful person!
Your website is beautiful.
I love this website.
Your new website is coming along nicely. That's a beautiful picture on the home page, with a great layout.

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